HorticultureIn the spring of 1997, Clark County UW-Extension coordinated the first ever Master Gardener training sessions in Clark County.  Since that time, 2 more sessions have been held growing the ranks of certified master gardeners to over 30.  The master gardeners have also organized a local association which is open to the general public.  They call themselves the Over the Garden Gate Gardening Club and they meet on a monthly basis to talk gardening.  If you wish to become involved with the gardening club, call the Extension Office at anytime.  To help serve the people of the county, the Master Gardeners have an educational booth at the county fair, a plant swap at the Clark County fairgrounds every spring on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and they are always busy planning more educational opportunities.

Starting in Janaury 2005 there will be specialized fruits and vegetables training offered through the Master Gardner program.

Master GardeningFind a Master Gardener in your area.

If you have any questions concerning your garden, contact the Clark County UW-Extension Office.



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