4-H Club Information

Club Planning with General Leader, President, Vice President, and Secretary
Club Action Plan
Club Leader Descriptions

  1. Junior Leader
  2. Activity Leader
    1. 4-H Activity / Event Planning Checklist
    2. 4-H Events and Activities Orientation Checklist
    3. Community Service Planning
  3. Project Leader
    1. I Am A Project Leader – Now What Do I Do?
  4. General / Organizational Leader
    1. Insurance / Taxes
    2. Branding Information
    3. Financial / Fundraising
    4. Treasurer Audit Form
  5. New 4-H Member / Family Coordinator

Governing Documents

  1. Constitution and Bylaws Explanation
  2. Suggested Constitution and Bylaws of a 4-H Club
  3. Suggestion Bylaws

Chartering Information

  1. Checklist
  2. Charter Document
  3. Audit of Treasurer Books
  4. Secretary’s Report
  5. List of Incoming and Outgoing Officers

Sample Bylaws for 4-H Clubs or Groups

Charter Information

4H Calendar

4H on the Air