HorticultureIn the spring of 1997, Clark County UW-Extension coordinated the first ever Master Gardener training sessions in Clark County.  Since that time, 2 more sessions have been held growing the ranks of certified master gardeners to over 30.  The master gardeners have also organized a local association which is open to the general public.  They call themselves the Over the Garden Gate Gardening Club and they meet on a monthly basis to talk gardening.  If you wish to become involved with the gardening club, call the Extension Office at anytime.  To help serve the people of the county, the Master Gardeners have an educational booth at the county fair, a plant swap at the Clark County fairgrounds every spring on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and they are always busy planning more educational opportunities.

Starting in Janaury 2005 there will be specialized fruits and vegetables training offered through the Master Gardner program.

Master GardeningFind a Master Gardener in your area.

If you have any questions concerning your garden, contact the Clark County UW-Extension Office.



News From Around the State

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  • The Lily Leaf Beetle is Back April 5, 2017
    For those of you that have had them in your Lilies in the past you are well aware of the destruction they can cause.  These little red beetles are beautiful to look at but a pain to deal with.  For more information on how to control them read this article.
  • Master Gardener Update April 2017 April 3, 2017
    Educational opportunities are springing up as we approach our favorite season! See them in this month's Master Gardener Update.
  • Community Garden Plots Are Available to Rent for the 2017 Gardening Season March 20, 2017
    Garden plots are available to rent for the 2017 gardening season at the Waukesha County Community Gardens. To rent a garden to grow vegetables or flowers, you must be a Waukesha County resident. For more information on the gardens, contact Lisa B. with Waukesha County UW-Extension at 262/548-7775 or lboyer@waukeshacounty.gov
  • Other Educational Materials March 17, 2017
    You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF files below.   Ed Focus Presentations (by Sharon Morrisey) Backyard "Bugs": Who's Who and What To Do (2017) Backyard Wildlife (Critter Control) (2016) Successful Container Gardening (2015)

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